Our Strong E-Learning Foundation Made Us Ready for This

Since 2014, we have been working to create a student-centered e-learning environment for times when traditional classroom spaces are unavailable. That foundation will carry us through the end of this year.

A Message from Our Principal

"Because of the hard work that you are doing, you are not only going to get credit for your work, but you are also going to get grades. As all of us look around the country at headlines, there is a lot of concern that many students at other schools are falling behind. I want to encourage you to keep working hard at e-learning. Because of the work that you are doing, we are so pleased to say that you are not going to fall behind. You are going to continue to learn."

E-Learning Spotlights

Art Students Visit Colt Seager's Studio on Zoom

Art History Students take a virtual field trip to Artist Colt Seager’s studio with Mr. Leman and Mr. McCallum

Students Digitally Debate Cold War Options

In Mrs. Rinker’s history class, it’s the height of the Cold War and students are tasked with offering advice to President Kennedy based on the information they have received from their executive committees.  Read what they wrote…

Students Reach beyond their walls during shelter-at-home

Students write thank you cards to health heroes

Hope for Hospitals

Service is one of our core values here at Wheaton Academy. It is so important to us that it is even a part of our mission statement. Even though service opportunities look different during the current crisis, our students are leading creative online initiatives to strengthen and encourage our community. “Hope for Hospitals” is a service initiative led by Senior Hannah Young. Join Hannah in writing notes of encouragement to our local health heroes!

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April 18 at 7pm

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April 22 @7pm

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