Application Process

We are grateful for your interest in employment at Wheaton Academy!

  1. Please submit your resume, pre-application, and a 3-5-minute video in which you:
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Tell us about your interests / hobbies outside of work.
  • Tell us about your current job and what you enjoy about it.  Or, if you are not currently employed, please tell us about what you enjoyed about a previous job.
  • Explain what draws you to apply to Wheaton Academy.
  • Explain what you think your top contribution would be at Wheaton Academy.
  1. Send these materials to employment@wheatonacademy.orgYou will receive an update from us within two to five days.
  1. After we review your pre-application materials, we may ask you to complete the full application and come for a 30-minute first round interview.
  1. You are welcome to submit the full application at the same time you submit your resume, pre-application questionnaire, and video. If you choose to do so, please understand that the pre-application materials will be used to determine whether we will schedule a first round interview.  Submitting all the application materials at the same time does not increase the possibility of employment at Wheaton Academy; nor will submitting only the pre-application materials decrease your probability of employment.

Start an Application

Questions?  Email Betsey Doebler, Human Resources Manager, at

We look forward to meeting you!