October 1, 2019

Homecoming Day 2

Homecoming Cupid Shuffle

Homecoming Day 2: Holiday Day Recap

This morning, students gathered in the Fine Arts Center to kick off day two of the Wheaton Academy 2019 Homecoming bonanza. Before assembly, students rushed to the stage to dance the Cupid Shuffle, while Freshmen flooded the auditorium carrying balloons in celebration of National Balloon Day.

Homecoming 2019 Freshmen

Next, students watched the Color Day recap video and cheered as Mrs. Klenke and Mr. Holtrop announced yesterday’s points. The seniors took the lead, earning 145 points on Monday.

In today’s “Best Dressed” competition, teachers from our science department selected three finalists, with Cora Gregersen winning “Best Dressed” in her costume as a Thanksgiving Table.

Homecoming 2019 Best Dressed Finalists

Next, students competed for homecoming points in games on stage.

Juniors took first place in the Oreo game, a competition to eat the most Oreos without using hands.

Homecoming 2019 Oreo Game

Freshman Josiah Pitts dominated the marshmallow toss, catching 23 marshmallows in his mouth, with the juniors coming in second at 13.

Homecoming 2019 Marshmallow Toss

In the screaming competition, Rachael Burick measured the volume of each class scream with a decibel meter. Sophomores won the loudest scream this year, a back-to-back accomplishment for the Class of 2022!

Homecoming 2019 Screaming Contest

To wrap up assembly, Mr. Thornton announced the members of the 2019 Homecoming Court: Sam Anliker , Nate Bierly, Garrett Bittner, Marcus Bult, Lars Cassel, Caleb Rathbun, Jeremiah Staten, Elizabeth Gieser, Emma Goebel, Imani Hillmer, Gigi Jones, Kathryn Ryken, Britta Swoboda, and Hannah Young. These seniors model ideals of leadership and character within the Wheaton Academy community.

Following assembly, students returned to their classes for the rest of the school day.

In the evening, students gathered at Sonny Acres Farm for a service event organized by Project LEAD Local. Earlier in the week, students from each class collected canned foods in the atrium. This evening, students gathered to pack those cans into boxes for delivery and distribution at Neighborhood Food Pantry in West Chicago. The food pantry serves guests from West Chicago, Winfield, Warrenville, and the surrounding area. A popular pantry for its wide selection of foods including fresh produce and meat, Neighborhood Food Pantry served 930 guests in August alone.

Nancy Andrews, Assistant Site Coordinator of the pantry shared, “We are thrilled to be included in your project. We are currently moving to a new and larger location—anything and everything that you provide will be greatly appreciated by our guests.” Nancy added that volunteers are always welcome.

Project LEAD Local Service Night

Throughout the evening, students worked at stations to stuff and load 126 boxes, and to write a note of encouragement inside each box.

“I started helping to organize this event four years ago,” shared Christian Rivera, faculty sponsor for Project LEAD Local and Wheaton Academy Spanish teacher. “It is one of the most meaningful things that I do every year at Wheaton Academy. Tonight is important because it shows the heart of our school. We are a community that loves to serve.”

Bethany Bergquist from the Project LEAD Local board shared, “A lot of homecoming events are about competition and rivalry, but tonight is about coming together as a community to serve and give back.”

Principal Kori Hockett agreed, “Tonight is the most important night of homecoming.”

As the service project concluded, students gathered for a time of worship and student leaders from Project LEAD Local announced that Wheaton Academy students collected a total of 5,046 cans.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Project Lead Local Worship