Homecoming Day 4 - Wheaton Academy

October 3, 2019

Homecoming Day 4

Tourist Day

Homecoming Day 4: Tourist Day Recap

On Thursday, students celebrated Tourist Day at Wheaton Academy. During the school day, students dressed as tourists and destinations around the world. Costumes ranged from a classic Hawaiian look to passports and pyramids.

Judges from the history department selected Senior Calla Mikolajczyk as the winner of the day’s Best Dressed Competition. Calla dressed as Lady Justice, posed elegantly on a pedestal.

Tourist Day Winners 2019

Next, students competed in games on stage. Sophomores stacked the tallest tower of cups during the cup-stacking competition.

Sophomores Homecoming 2019

Seniors dominated charades, correctly guessing three phrases in 30 seconds.

Seniors play charades

In the evening, students gathered at the Homecoming Tailgate party for a taco dinner fundraiser organized by Project LEAD Global.

Project LEAD Global students are commissioned to raise $1,000 every month from within the student body. Funds support twenty-five sponsored children through Kids Alive in Cap Haitian, Haiti and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

One hundred percent of the proceeds from Thursday’s Tailgate party went to support these sponsored students due to the generosity of parents who donated food to the event.

Emily O’Brien serves on the Project LEAD Global team, while her family works as missionaries with Kids Alive in the Dominican Republic. “I see firsthand the ways that these donations affect the kids,” Emily shares. “It makes them feel so loved to know that people are rooting for them and making sacrifices for them.”

Emma Daghfal, another senior from Project LEAD Global, shared, “I had the opportunity to visit Haiti with Kids Alive for two years on Winterim Trips. Seeing how much the host parents love those kids, and learning how much our money is able to provide for them—that is what motivates me to serve.”

Winterim 2019

Both girls encouraged students to make a personal decision to support Kids Alive at Project LEAD Global events. “Every dollar counts,” Emily added, “so be sure to show up and give what you can. And even if you can’t give, you can always pray.”

During the tailgate party, current families and alumni began to arrive for the evening’s Varsity Football game with the Warriors facing off the Bishop McNamara Fighting Irish.

A drum line ushered the Maroon Platoon to the stands. Mrs. Hockett rode Charlie the Camel as the football players charged the field before the game.

During halftime, Juniors and Seniors faced off in the final round of Powderpuff Football after performances from both the cheer team and the Furnace Dance Company. Senior Gigi Jones scored the first touchdown early in the game. With less than a minute left, Junior Kelly Bickhart scored a touchdown, tying the final score at 6-6.

While the Warriors took a tough loss, students cheered enthusiastically all night and alumni enjoyed connecting with old friends.

Jane (Fenton) Williamson ’69, at Wheaton Academy for her 50 year reunion, reflected, “Our class was known as a class of prayer. I experienced our 25 year reunion as a renewal of that spirit of prayer. I am praying for that same renewal at Homecoming this year.”

Soli Deo Gloria.