Is Wheaton Academy Worth it?

We asked current parents to speak from the heart about making a financial investment in their kids’ education. Here’s what they wanted to share with you about why Wheaton Academy is worth it.

“When we weighed financial sacrifice against investment in our daughter's future, everything shifted towards investment. High school isn’t just four years—our daughter's time at Wheaton Academy is going to shape and change her for the rest of her life.
“We wanted to be in a place where our students would be nurtured and cared for, not treated like a number. The cooperative, faith-infused environment is what makes Wheaton Academy worth it for us.
“When you can have your child in a school that shares your Biblical values, and you know that your child is being treated with the respect they deserve, you don't have to do it alone. You have partners in that journey at Wheaton Academy.”

Concerned about cost?

Wheaton Academy is committed to making Christian Education affordable.

Financial Aid is awarded to accepted families with 80% of funds distributed by the end of February each year. We encourage to new families to apply by December 31 to be considered for aid awards in February. Learn more about Financial Aid.

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When you think about your student’s high school experience, what are you looking for? If it’s a rigorous, Biblically-grounded education in a Christ-centered community — it’s time to explore Wheaton Academy.

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