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May 6, 2019

It is just not true!

As a graduate of Wheaton Academy myself, as well as a mother of an alum, two current students, and one future student, I am so grateful for this school. It is a place that transforms lives. Students are known, loved, and yet challenged to grow through their classes, areas of involvement, and relationships with teachers and peers. My children learn what it means to be a follower of Christ each day in the hallways, and the biblical foundation we establish at home is reinforced at school. That alone is invaluable to my family.

The Admissions Office recently asked me to help provide a parent perspective for some of the students considering Wheaton Academy. Over the course of the past few months, I have spoken with these families and realized there were some things our school needed to address. For example, many families articulated that their student was nervous about making friends with a school change. Or that the high school education was too expensive in light of other family budget items. And these fears unfortunately removed Wheaton Academy from their family’s high school conversation.

I expressed some of these perspectives to the school, and together we worked on some answers to parents’ common questions and some assumptions that put too much weight on family’s decisions.

Take a minute to read through some of the common myths I have heard recently. Maybe you have heard them too.

I hope these perspectives help you consider Wheaton Academy for your student. Come tour our campus, spend a day shadowing a studentexperiencing it for yourself is worth the time.

This school is a blessing to my family, and I would love for you to experience the blessing for yourself!

Laura, Current Parent


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