We foster these outcomes in students during their four years at Wheaton Academy…

  • Develop a personal, vibrant, and growing relationship with Christ
  • Adopt and cultivate a thoroughly Biblical worldview
  • Discover, explore, and practice their God-given gifts and abilities
  • Acquire the knowledge and wisdom students will need for further study and be prepared to represent Christ in their life calling

Outcome 1: Develop a Personal, Vibrant and Growing Relationship with Christ

1-A Understands the gospel, salvation, and their identity in Christ

1-B Demonstrates growth in their faith – either by becoming more open to the Gospel or by growing in their faith (depending on their point of entry)

  • Knows how to present the Gospel to others

  • Understands and practices spiritual disciplines such as devotions, personal Bible study, and prayer
  • Understands and pursues spiritual maturity and a deepening dependence upon the Holy Spirit
  • Is involved in a local Christian community/church

Outcome 2: Adopt and cultivate a thoroughly Biblical worldview

2-A Can explain being created in the image of God

2-B Can articulate and defend a Biblical worldview

2-C Demonstrates application and relevance of a Biblical worldview to daily decision making

2-D Knows how to dialog effectively with those who hold other worldviews and understands others’ viewpoints and perspectives on life

2-E Knows and is able to articulate differences between Christianity and other worldviews

2-F Lives out the values of our Wheaton Academy Kingdom Community

2-G Respects individual differences, valuing each person as God’s creation by understanding and appreciating people of different cultures

2-H Possess a mastery of Biblical literacy

Outcome 3: Discover, explore, and practice their God-given gifts and abilities

3-A Understand utilizes spiritual gifts and identifies personal strengths and talents

3-B Develops skills related to leadership and influence

3-C Utilizes gifts and talents to serve others generously

3-D Cultivate and share artistic, musical, and academic abilities/appreciation

3-E Develop and maintain disciplined mental, physical and personal health/habits

3-F Cultivate athletic skill and ability and or being a great fan and supporter

Outcome 4: Acquire the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom necessary for further study and to become prepared to represent the Lord effectively in their life calling

4-A Critical thinkers who are able to make rational arguments, evaluate other perspectives/ideas (strong reading comprehension skills), and can express these ideas in writing and speaking

4-B Analyze, interpret, evaluate, and synthesize concepts within various disciplines

4-C Manages technology and how to use it effectively for productivity, communication, and creativity in a God-honoring way

4-D Possess key 21st century skills including collaboration, innovation, creativity

4-E Problem solvers who utilize appropriate problem-solving strategies and create original solutions for authentic and relevant problems

4-F Demonstrate college readiness traits – perseverance, self-control, social intelligence, passion, gratitude and hope

4-G Demonstrate the academic competence that is required for next level of academic pur-suit and is well prepared for standardized academic testing