January 29, 2020

Not your basic internship…

Mason Abbott interns at a fly fishing company during Winterim

Mason Abbott Interns as a Fishing Guide

Sophomore Mason Abbott’s internship was anything but basic. Mason learned about the fly fishing industry through a double internship at both DuPage Fly Fishing and Youth Conservation Alliance.

At DuPage Fly Fishing, Mason got to experience the sales side of the business, stocking inventory, assisting customers, and helping to teach a class on tying steelhead flies.

At Youth Conservation Alliance, Mason helped to run a youth ice fishing event in Wisconsin. To prepare for the event, Mason cleaned snowmobiles and huts, used GPS to locate underwater cribs, and drilled holes in the ice to check the cribs. During the tournament, Mason served as a guide, helping kids with their bait and poles.

Kevin Bushnick, Founder and Chairman of the alliance, shared, “Mason contributed many hours of his time towards the ice fishing program which certainly qualifies for hands-on experience for a career in the fish guiding business!” 

Looking back on his internship, Mason reflected, “This experience has given me a chance experience different jobs involving fishing. In the future, I know I want to do something involving fishing, and this experience has opened my eyes to what it could be like.

During Winterim, students have opportunities to explore many unique and exciting career possibilities like Mason did. His story is just one of over one hundred student internship experiences during Winterim 2020.