Wheaton Academy Rebrand - Wheaton Academy

May 13, 2019

Wheaton Academy Rebrand

Introducing the new Wheaton Academy logo!

For 165 years, Wheaton Academy has established its legacy as a strong, Christ-centered high school. Our reputation is characterized by high academic standards, a mature student culture, opportunities for leadership, and the Christian growth in our students through relationships, excellence, and service. This is the heart of our school!

And now, we have a new look that will support the time-tested, Wheaton Academy brand that our history has built!

Last November, we engaged Joe Bosack & Co. to refresh the Wheaton Academy athletics brand. In the process, we decided to launch a cohesive Wheaton Academy brand that would include our academic disciplines as well as our athletic teams.

As we worked through this process, we evaluated feedback from a brand survey and gathered numerous focus groups (faculty, staff, parents, alumni, students, and friends of Wheaton Academy) together. During this consultation, we confirmed the current institutional visual identity did not adequately represent the high quality of the Wheaton Academy legacy. Our former logo did not make any reference to our strong commitment to a biblical worldview as well. Taking this feedback from our community, Joe Bosack & Co. built a creative strategy that was approved by the Executive Team of Wheaton Academy and has guided the rest of this branding process.

We wanted to build a visual identity for both athletics and academics that represented the depth and excellence of Wheaton Academy, reflected our commitment to biblical education, and honored our legacy. We are excited to reveal the new visual identity for Wheaton Academy.

It’s bold.
It’s strong.
It reflects our mission.
It honors our legacy.
It embraces our future . . .

The heart of the school has not changed—our new look now reflects it. This is Wheaton Academy . . . !