The Shack Menu


$3 The Peter Pizza
Some would say is similar to Pizza Now, but ours is made with love

$4 ANIJA’s Cinnamon Roll
Crafted by ANIJA’s cook for the children of KidsAlive Dominican Republic

$2 Kaleb’s Crispy Chips
What more could you want in life?

$2 Christian Candy
To add a little more sweetness in your life

$3 Will you have some Popcorn?
Popcorn as fresh as the moves on stage

$6 – BBQ Pulled Pork Slider x2
Our special recipe for pulled pork, ham, cheese & a pickle, on a potato bun. You add your BBQ sauce preference. Sweet Baby Ray’s!

$4 – The Hot Dog
A tasty all beef hot dog, grilled and on a bun. Add your own condiments, including pickles, to perfection.

$3 – Pizza Slice
Sausage, Pepperoni, Cheese

$3 – Chicken Tenders

$4 – The Brat
Just a really good brat, grilled and on a bun. Add your own condiments, including Sauerkraut, to perfection.

$6 – Pulled Shack N’ Cheese

Our famous Shack N’ Cheese with the pulled pork on top

$4 – Shack N’ Cheese

A generous helping of just the Shack N’ Cheese

$5 – Mozzarella Breadstick with Marinara

Better than pizza


$4 – Anija’s Cinnamon Roll

An amazing treat crafted by Anija, a cook for the children of KidsAlive Dominican Republic. Did we mention – 20% of the purchase price goes to KidsAlive?

+$2 – Anija’s Cinnamon Roll a la mode

Why not? Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

$4 – Nacho Chips with Cheese

Ask for Jalapeños, if you can handle the heat

$3 – Popcorn

$1 – Chips

$1 – Popsicle

$1 – Ice Cream Sandwich

$2 – Candy


$1 – Iced Tea

$1 – Soda

$1 – Water

$2 – Gatorade

$3 – REV Energy Drink

$5 – Sam’s homemade Smoothies
Who said eating healthy couldn’t taste good?

$5 – Ben’s Bursting Bubble Tea
For those who enjoy a drinking experience

$3 – Osa’s Iced Tea
A refined beverage that has been enjoyed for centuries

$2 – Daniel’s Delicious Soda
Joy in a can

$2 – Westen Water
A good choice for a refreshing drink and survival

$3 – Josh’s Joyful Gatorade
A rainbow of flavor and hydration

WA Wagon

$1 – WA Wagon Candy
Look for the WA Wagons around the stadium and cash in your tickets for candy.

More about The Shack…

After learning business innovation principles and touring some businesses, entrepreneurial students developed a business plan for a Wheaton Academy food trailer called “The Shack”. What started out as a concept, and after working through the challenges posed to the students, they now have the opportunity to put their business plan into market with a real business operating out of a food trailer.