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February 18, 2020

Spiritual Life Week Recap

By Brian Hogan, Dean of Chapel and Spiritual Formation

We are celebrating a fantastic 2020 Spiritual Life Week and are grateful for the impact on the lives of our students, faculty, and staff.  Our theme this year was “Reals vs Feels” and we focused on pursuing truth in a world that often leaves us deceived by what feels right. Our students loved our guest speakers Steve Carter and Megan Fate-Marshman who God used in amazing ways to challenge us and elevated the truth of His word. It was very meaningful to see our students lined up after chapel to talk with Steve and Megan and to process how the Lord was moving in their lives. In addition, we had an incredible worship night Thursday night and an interactive chapel on Friday where students had the opportunity to put feet to their commitments. It’s obvious that God is doing some deep work in our students and calling them to new and deepening commitments in their relationships with Jesus.

Here’s what a couple of students had to say about the impact of this year’s spiritual life week…

“This week was super impactful on my life and my relationship with God. I realized that I too often live passively and forget to be loving and forgiving of everyone around me, not just my best friends or the people who are easy to get along with. I also learned to take more risks (good ones). When we were talking about a word that defined our Spiritual Life Week, someone mentioned shaken. That really resonated with me. I felt God calling me to ministry, specifically in the same country that I went to for a Winterim trip this year. Whether God will send me there now or 10 to 20 years from now, I trust God with it and am thankful that this week led me to the place I am today.”
– Abbie (Senior)

My first experience of Spiritual Life Week has been amazing. God spoke to me differently every day of the past week. It was refreshing to hear the voice of God through the speakers and even through my classmates. God asked me to step out of my secluded comfort zone a lot this week and it showed me what I need to be doing differently. During the week I noticed a visible impact on many people close to me. Prayer and confession circles were forming at the lunch tables. People came out about problems they were having and maybe for the first time asked for help. This week was a splash of cold water on the student body that we desperately needed.
– Josh (Freshman)

These are only two of many students who were deeply impacted by the week. Often times, the first days and weeks after an amazing experience are the most difficult as the enemy tries to compromise the progress students are making. Please be praying for our students as they process and practice what they learned during Spiritual Life Week.

While Spiritual Life Week is a focused time for spiritual growth, Christ is at the center of what we do here every week of the year. Students encounter Jesus through chapel, classes rooted in a Biblical worldview, and a Christ-centered community of teachers and peers.