Welcoming Students Back to Campus

As we wrap up our second week of Summer Academy, we’ve enjoyed slowly welcoming students back to campus. In a limited capacity, some students have been able to learn on site at Wheaton Academy this week while still adhering to social distancing guidelines. With only one more week to go, we are so proud of all that students are accomplishing both in person and online. Check out some spotlights below!

Classroom Spotlights

Students Study Cell Division in Biology

In Biology, some of Mr. Regan’s students met on campus to perform their labs. In this photo, students use their microscopes to study cells in different stages of cell division. Next, students calculate cell length at different stages throughout the division process. 

Chemistry Lab

Students Perform Flame Test in Chemistry Lab

In Mr. Cochrum’s Advanced Chemistry class, students met on campus to perform the iconic flame test lab! In this lab, students learned how to use bunsen burners to observe the varying emission spectra of different elements. As students burned elements, they observed the color and characteristics produced by the flame.

Students Debate Perspectives on the French Revolution

In “World History: Revolutions,” students created presentations representing different historical perspectives on the French Revolution. Watch one presentation above!

Chemistry Flame Experiment