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December 2, 2019

Unique to Every Student

The Pell Family

By Jeff & Tina Pell

Wheaton Academy affected each of our three children in a unique and profound way.

When our oldest son, Brian ’10, entered high school, his focus was on being an athlete. While he did go on to play four years of college football, seeds were planted in his heart that ultimately led him to become a pastor. Every coach he had at the Academy not only pushed Brian to be a better athlete, but also poured into him through discipleship, leadership training, and mentoring. Now he is using those skills to make an impact on a church in Colorado.

Aaron was driven by a strong work ethic and love of learning. The rigorous academic environment of Wheaton Academy gave him everything he needed to attend West Point and take on one of the top leadership positions at the United States Military Academy. Now as a captain in the US Army, he can point back to his time at Wheaton Academy as a formative season, preparing him for where he is today.

Our youngest, Alyssa, had excellent teachers who encouraged her love of science. Through their influence, Alyssa was well prepared to excel in Nursing School at the University of Florida. Now she works as a Registered Nurse for Duke University Hospital. Alyssa is the medical professional she is today because of the influence of Wheaton Academy teachers.