November 25, 2019

The Story Behind Ratio

Ellen Shales holds a copy of the academic journal "Ratio"

Creating Ratio—The Academic Journal of the Next Generation

By Ellen Shales ’21

Wheaton Academy provides an encouraging environment to tackle new challenges and to find significance in the research I am doing. When I understand the importance of my work, I am driven to go deeper and work harder than ever before. In the scientific realm, this research process often culminates with publication. At the end of the 2019 spring semester, I wrapped up a particularly intensive project. I had hard-earned satisfaction in my work, and I wondered if there were any next steps. I realized that my desire to publish research was shared by my peers; however, the space to do so had not yet been created. I wanted to help construct such a space for students, a space where they could showcase the products of their meticulous and time-consuming efforts.

This is the story behind the Wheaton Academy academic journal. I collaborated with teachers and students to highlight just a few of the amazing writers and creators at Wheaton Academy. I worked with authors to revise and format their papers. The alternating margins, awkward graphs, and irregular headers became an infuriating regularity. However, the vision of the journal continuously drove me forward beyond the momentary setbacks.

The journal is called Ratio. Ratio, taken from Latin, translates to “reason.” Ratio is a place for any reasoned voice to share an idea or participate in a conversation. Ratio also implies a proportion. In the Biblical parable of the talents, those who multiplied their gifts were blessed, regardless of the initial value. Ratio is for anyone who maximizes their own capacity. Whether that results in introductory inquiries or extensive analyses, all rational contributions are welcome. Ratio provides a well-deserved sense of accomplishment to those who are willing to refine their work and elevate their standards. Ratio also granted me the personal satisfaction of a well-executed dream. This journal is by no means perfect, but it represents the dedication of hard-working students and staff members. With future issues on the horizon, I eagerly anticipate the growth and evolution of the journal. I am so grateful for the opportunity to see the overwhelming brilliance of Wheaton Academy students and teachers as I partnered with them to create this meaningful space called Ratio.

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