Will Lyon '19 - Wheaton Academy

December 19, 2019

Will Lyon ’19

Through Wheaton Academy’s supportive environment, I grew academically, spiritually, and emotionally for the glory of God. Relationships were the key to my development as a student at the Academy. Whether inside or outside of the classroom, teachers and other adults were passionately invested in my growth and success. They were approachable and available. They mentored and they modeled. As a thankful recipient of that mentoring, I grew in my faith and in my leadership skills. With the help and mentoring of Mr. Steve Willemssen, I was able to begin arranging and conducting the Camerata Orchestra while in high school.

When I think of Wheaton Academy, I think of the mentors and fellow students who invested in my life and challenged me to follow Christ in an authentic way. They encouraged me to use my gifts and talents for the glory of God. I am thankful for this deposit, and I know that these relationships are available for a lifetime, not just during my high school years.

Wheaton Academy expectations are high in the classroom and culture. The classes I took were challenging, and now that I am in college, I can say that they prepared me well. The community taught me how to take ownership of my education and to advocate for myself with the teachers and adults on campus.

I had so many opportunities to grow, lead, serve, and take risks, and so did my classmates. We had some crazy moments together as we scrambled to balance our schoolwork with the extras, but they stretched us and gave us tremendous confidence as we moved forward.

If I had to use one word to describe the result of my Wheaton Academy education, it would be GROWTH! From time in my classes to Winterim experiences to mentoring from teachers, I have grown in my relationships with fellow students and with God.