Welcome to Our Virtual

We want you to have the opportunity to take an in-depth look at our community, our philosophy of education, and all the opportunities you will have as a Wheaton Academy student.

We’re glad you’re here and we hope you find these videos helpful. Each month we will premiere a new video full of unique content, and we will also be hosting Q&A sessions to answer some of your more frequently asked questions.

Academic Opportunities

Academic opportunities at Wheaton Academy provide innovative, cross-disciplinary learning opportunities that challenge and transform students. Wheaton Academy is a standard bearer for academic excellence among private Christian schools. Discover how you can customize your academic experience to reflect your passions and gifting. 

Virtual Q&A - A Place to Grow

The Wheaton Academy experience is not just driven by academics. Here, students are given a place to grow—maturing through opportunities for leadership and responsibility. Learn about the mature culture of Wheaton Academy, where students are trusted and simultaneously held accountable to steward opportunities well.

Student Life & Co-Curriculars - Get Involved!

Student life at Wheaton Academy offers some of the best high school experiences a student could ever have. From our award-winning director of special events, clubs and co-curriculars, athletics and our spectacular spring musical, Wheaton Academy has something for every student! Learn more about the amazing opportunities you will have at Wheaton Academy.

Virtual Q&A - A Place to Belong

The Wheaton Academy community is a place where every student can find a place to belong. Learn about the many opportunities students have to get connected through clubs, athletic teams, and leadership opportunities. There is truly something for everyone!

Spiritual Life &
Why Wheaton Academy

At Wheaton Academy, we believe a solid spiritual foundation is the key to our students’ future success and impact on the world. Learn how Wheaton Academy promotes the nurturing of the spiritual life of each student.