Congratulations, Class of 2022!

The Class of 2022 is ready to change the world…and we are excited to cheer them on. We asked some seniors a few questions about their experience at Wheaton Academy, and this is what they had to say.

Look back at day one as a freshman at Wheaton Academy, how have you changed? What advice would you give your freshman self?

Being surrounded by students who are equally eager to live their lives in pursuit of Christ has helped to strengthen my Christian convictions. As a freshman, I don’t think I fully understood my calling to be a follower of Christ, but over my years here—with the tutelage of the tremendous faculty and pious peers—I have been cultivated into a mature Christian, knowing my beliefs and being able to stand up for them. I would challenge my freshman-self and future freshmen to really become invested in the community to the fullest extent. You can’t find something like it anywhere else.

Jude Barton

Jude Barton
Is there a teacher who made a significant impact on your life?

Every teacher that I’ve had at Wheaton Academy has treated me like family. We respect each other, encourage each other, and challenge one another to pursue the truth of the Bible. In all my classes, teachers have asked formative questions that lead me to think deeply. They’ve invited me to wrestle with living out my faith when life gets hard. My teachers have made a major impact on my life and become close mentors.

Dakoda McCallum

How have you grown spiritually at Wheaton Academy?

When I came to Wheaton Academy, I didn’t have a relationship with Christ. To be honest I felt like I didn’t have a place in the community, as so much of it was centered around beliefs that at the time I didn’t share. Over the past four years however, it has been clear to me that God had a plan when giving me the opportunity to go here, something I will forever be grateful for. The love and joy of the people around me who are genuinely following Christ has shone through to me, and is a main reason why I became a Christian. I am so grateful that my parents were able to send me to a school where I am valued first and foremost as a child of God and can worship freely. The love of the community around me leads me everyday to seek a deeper, more authentic relationship with Christ.

Isabel Kelsh

Isabel Kelsh
What is the greatest lesson you learned at Wheaton Academy?

At Wheaton Academy, I learned how to learn. Resources are always available to me—I can talk to any teacher about what I need. My teachers inspired me to tackle unfamiliar topics in the academic field, and they’ve always been so kind and open to sharing about their own spiritual journeys. Their example has led me to be open about sharing my faith with others just like they do.

Jessica Zhang

How have you grown spiritually at Wheaton Academy?

At Wheaton Academy, I have taken big steps in making my faith my own. The realities of high school forced me to become clearer about what I believe and why I believe it. I’ve grown in my biblical and theological knowledge. As a result, I am better able to visualize the kind of man I want to be. I’ve also had unbelievable experiences of fellowship and brotherhood with my friends here.

Christian Ruch

Look back at day one as a freshman at Wheaton Academy, how have you changed?

Wheaton Academy has truly shaped who I am and I love who that person is. My teachers’ passion confirmed my love for the sciences, and I look forward to pursuing nursing in the future!

Morgan Mayo

How have you grown spiritually at Wheaton Academy?

All the classes I have taken at Wheaton Academy have played a tremendous role in my faith journey. Before high school, I attended a public school where I did not have the opportunity to learn from a faith-based point of view. Now, I go to a school where Jesus is incorporated into every subject—Math, Science, English, History, and even co-curriculars. My faith has grown so much because of this!

Gabrielle Valkner

How have you grown spiritually at Wheaton Academy?

Wheaton Academy set me up for spiritual growth by giving me teachers and coaches that I can look up to as examples. The way they live their lives in light of Jesus’ love gives us students an example of how we can live our lives.

Peter Johanik

How do you define excellence at Wheaton Academy?

Excellence at Wheaton Academy isn’t just about the success that comes from being really good or outstanding, it’s about having excellent character. If you are using your skills and achievement to bring awareness, help, and healing to those around you, then you have achieved excellence.

Olivia Smith

How would you describe the Wheaton Academy community?

At Wheaton Academy faith isn’t just one element of your daily school routine. Instead, it is a pursuit that transcends academics, sports, music, and co-curriculars. In every class, practice, concert, meeting, and interaction, God is always at the center. 

Chessie Polizzotto

How have you personally experienced our mission and growth during your time at Wheaton Academy?

At Wheaton Academy, there are so many opportunities for students to use their gifts in service to individuals and local communities, but ultimately as a means to glorify God who gave us these gifts. For me personally, I’ve learned to see math and science as a means of stewardship. When I learn more about creation and its miraculous complexities, I see it point back to God.

Eric Soszko

How do you define excellence at Wheaton Academy?

Wheaton Academy has all the resources I need to succeed and flourish academically. I have learned so many new things, discovered new passions, and grown in skill. I have felt challenged to grow and to commit a strong work ethic and passion in all that I do. I feel celebrated in my accomplishments and supported in my failures. In athletics, I am encouraged to pursue success, but more importantly, I am encouraged to reflect God in the way I act and communicate both on and off the golf course. I have been so blessed to have a Wheaton Academy education that has propelled me into a Christ-centered, hardworking, and excelling future.

Lillie English

How have you grown spiritually at Wheaton Academy?

Growing up, my personal relationship with Jesus was never as strong as my intellectual understanding of him. At Wheaton Academy, that has begun to change. I have grown closer to Jesus because of friends and teachers who challenge me each day to live a life in accordance with God’s will.

Kaleb Cruz