Congratulations, Class of 2023!

The Class of 2023 is ready to change the world…and we are excited to cheer them on. We asked some seniors a few questions about their experience at Wheaton Academy, and this is what they had to say.

How have you grown spiritually at Wheaton Academy?

I credit most of my growth at Wheaton Academy to the blessing of relationships built with teachers. Wheaton Academy teachers truly see high schoolers as people, not just students. Through genuine relationships with teachers, I’ve been encouraged and challenged as a learner and, most importantly, as a follower of Christ. The teachers who walk alongside me have set an example of what it means to be a faithful and hopeful Christian—and that’s been formational in my growth. I know that this gift will continue to impact me into adulthood.

Gwyneth Clark

What is the greatest lesson you learned at Wheaton Academy?

At Wheaton Academy, I’ve been challenged to dig more deeply into my own beliefs and the doctrines of my church. I have learned to engage in respectful conversations with those who think differently, and I’ve grown as a critical thinker. In a world that is growing increasingly subjective, Wheaton Academy gave me a safe place to rest in God’s Truth as a source of comfort, purity, and strength.

Ahna Thompson

How have you grown spiritually at Wheaton Academy?

At Wheaton Academy, relationships thrive. I only knew one person here when I enrolled as a freshman, but everyone—my teammates, classmates, coaches, and teachers—welcomed me with open arms.

During my time here, I’ve learned to be confident in my faith. Before attending high school, I sometimes felt ashamed of my faith. Now, I am proud of who I am in Christ.

Wade Davis

How have you grown spiritually at Wheaton Academy?

During my time at Wheaton Academy, I have seen exponential growth in my faith. I was raised a Christian, knowing that we are saved because of what Christ did for us; but this message sank in during my time at Wheaton Academy. Through chapels, Spiritual Life Weeks, discussions with friends, and time alone with God, I have surrendered to the truth that apart from Christ I can do nothing. I now stand confidently knowing that whatever obstacles come my way, Christ will be my defender.

Bella Agnello

Is there a teacher who made a significant impact on your life? Share how this teacher has influenced you.

All the teachers here are spectacular! I genuinely cannot think of a single teacher throughout my four years at Wheaton Academy who didn’t seem like they cared. The teachers here are genuinely invested in the students, and they are passionate about serving younger generations.

Luke Dederich

Look back at day one as a freshman at Wheaton Academy, how have you grown?

When I came to Wheaton Academy, I already had a deeply rooted faith in Christ. During my time here, my faith only continued to grow, not through any flashy ‘Road to Damascus’ moments, but through the steady commitment to walk alongside Christ. Wheaton Academy provided a safe space for me to continue this steady, daily walk with my Heavenly Father. The teachers here are amazing! They take time to know each student personally. Not only do they push us towards academic excellence, they also care about our faith and character development. I know that many of my teachers are praying for me and I can go to them when I need help.

Greta Gustafson

How have you grown spiritually at Wheaton Academy?

I came to Wheaton Academy from Guatemala through the International Program. Here, I’ve made friends who are always there to help and encourage me when I need it. I’ve also built great relationship with my teachers—many of them have become my friends. At Wheaton Academy, I have been welcomed and I feel like I belong. Wheaton Academy has helped me discover my gifts and talents and use them to honor God and build up His people.

Eimy Morales

How have you grown spiritually at Wheaton Academy?

Wheaton Academy has so much to offer! From top-ranked athletic teams to renowned fine arts, the school has an outlet for each of my passions. While our academic offerings, sports teams, and arts opportunities are all excellent, Wheaton Academy strives to invest in students spiritually over all else, giving them skills to succeed in the next step of their journey.

Charlie Dorn

How do you define excellence at Wheaton Academy?

During my time here, I have been challenged to become a better student, leader, and follower of Christ. At Wheaton Academy, students are encouraged to take the hard path—the one that will stretch you! You won’t just drift through school. You will be challenged to become the best version of yourself, and that includes being encouraged to live a life that is centered in Christ.

The teachers here expect a lot from me and my fellow students because they see potential in us. They challenge students to live out Paul’s words in 1 Timothy 4:12, ‘Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.’ Because of this, Wheaton Academy students have every opportunity to be the best they can possibly be.

Karis Jarvis