Faculty Profile: Chris Felinski - Wheaton Academy
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November 26, 2019

Faculty Profile: Chris Felinski

Chris Felinski

What motivated you to become a teacher?

The impact that my teachers had on me as a person motivated me to become a teacher too. I hope to make the same impact on the next generation of students.

What are your favorite moments with students?

I love hearing students tell stories about life and talk about their perspective on the world.

What is the most important life lesson you want your students to learn in your class?

Not everything comes easy to everyone. Each person has their own unique area of giftedness. Take a chance and get to know the people in your class – they all have some incredible stories to tell.

Why are you passionate about the subject(s) that you teach?

I love running. When I go for my runs during the summer, I enjoy watching the sunrise. I am amazed that in this large universe, math can be used to accurately predict to the second when the sun will rise and set each day. Math is incredible in the fact that it can be used to represent the reality we live in. Understanding math reminds me of the Creator of the world and that He is in control of everything – that all this didn’t work out by slim chance.

What advice do you have for parents considering Christian education?

This is hard for me to answer because I am not a parent, but seeing how students are impacted at Wheaton Academy over my 16 years teaching here, and knowing what doesn’t happen in a lot of non-Christian or public school settings, I believe that a Wheaton Academy education is well worth it.

What was your favorite book as a child?

Not sure on a particular book, but I loved the Narnia series.



At Wheaton Academy, we believe that students grow to become like their teachers (Luke 6:40)—that’s why it’s so important that 100% of our faculty, coaches, and staff are empowered to speak Biblical truth to our students.

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