February 25, 2020

Faculty Profile: Valerie Gregersen

Val Gregersen teaches math at Wheaton Academy

Val has been teaching high school and middle school math for over twenty years. She is also a class sponsor, an international host parent, and leads service team mission trips to the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Peru. 

What motivated you to become a teacher?
When I was in high school, I felt distinctly called by God to be a math teacher. Now, I am motivated by the fact I can share Christ with my students while teaching mathematics.

What are your favorite moments with students?
In the classroom, my favorite moments with students are when they realize that they can learn a difficult concept and are capable of applying it. Outside of the classroom, I love taking students on Winterim missions trips and seeing how God uses those trips to change their perspectives on His work around the world. On trips, students develop a heart to serve the vulnerable.

What is the most important life lesson you want your students to learn in your class?
You do not have to be perfect. We have a Savior who is perfect. You are just called to worship God and develop and use the gifts God has given you. We are created to worship God in all aspects of our lives even in the math classroom and at home while doing homework. Yes, homework can be worship.

Why are you passionate about the subject(s) that you teach?
I believe that math reflects a Creator who uses logic and order in his creation. Isn’t it cool how math is used in almost all aspects of life?! We can use processes and concepts learned in math to describe scientific phenomenon, create art, argue logically, and to develop problem solving skills.

What advice do you have for parents considering Christian education?
Students become like their teachers. You will never regret putting your child in a school where they can learn and grow in their faith because your child’s teachers will model and share Christ daily as they teach. I teach at Wheaton Academy and send my own children here for this very reason.

At Wheaton Academy, we believe that students grow to become like their teachers (Luke 6:40)—that’s why it’s so important that 100% of our faculty, coaches, and staff are empowered to speak Biblical truth to our students.