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Academy Theatre Philosophy


As theatre artists, we have an incredible responsibility because of the One Artist we must look to as our role model- the Creator Himself. Here is an Artist who created an deemed His creation “good.” (Genesis 1)

When Christian values and the arts are combined, students are empowered to do something valuable with their performance and their lives. As performers, our students are the most visible sign of Wheaton Academy’s mission statement. It follows that our dedication to and belief in this mission must be evident in all aspects of our program. One of the central tenets of our mission statement is to develop all aspects of the person-physical, emotional, interpersonal, intellectual, and spiritual. These developmental needs are central to our expectations when a student is involved in a theatrical production. Theatre, by its very nature, demands physical movement, calls forth the emotions, brings students into an interactive community with common passions, requires students to engage with written texts intellectually, and asks students to examine life decisions through the spiritual lens of God’s Truth. It is in this way, therefore, that the Academy Theatre seeks to give students the tools to create, that the Creator may see our performing arts as good.

Selection Critera

When selecting a show for performance at the Academy Theatre, the following guidelines are used:

  1. Over a four-year period, the chosen show provides a diversity of theatre arts experiences in terms of styles, periods, cultures, and content.
  2. The chosen show allows for significant growth and a wide range of training in music, dance, acting, art, and technical areas so that over four years a student may experience the many different aspects of theatre.
  3. The chosen show will afford opportunities for many students to participate both on and off stage, often in ways that are outside of their past experiences.
  4. The chosen show does not glamorize sin but rather is an accurate depiction of human nature and the dilemma of living in a sinful world.
  5. The chosen show is not necessarily Christian in nature or authorship, but its message reflects Christian truths and values sometimes in an obvious way and other times in a subtle manner.