Behind the Cameras

Meet the Team of Students Bringing Chapel to You

This year, Wheaton Academy’s livestream team has unique opportunities to serve our student body. Due to current health restrictions, we are not able to gather as a full school in any one location. Since all students can’t attend events like Chapel and Community Time in the Fine Arts Center, our livestream team broadcasts these events directly to students in their classrooms.

How does it work? At the beginning of the year, we transformed the FAC stage into a studio space where 20-30 students can gather for a live chapel experience each week. Our livestream chapel team operates four cameras throughout this studio space. We even procured a jib—a special camera crane—to enable some unique and creative shots.

“In my role as a camera operator, I get to serve my school community by working to make chapel the best experience that it can be for everyone who is watching.”

Catherine Yu

Behind the scenes, students rotate in and out to work as technical directors and edit the footage that streams out to our classrooms.

Matt Hockett reflects, “We could not accomplish a chapel experience like this apart from the sacrifice and service exhibited by our students. We are so grateful to God for the blessings he has provided, allowing us to use all this amazing equipment, much of which has been donated for His glory.” 

Chapel livestream

Kenna operates a camera in the chapel studio this fall.

Students livestream outdoor assemblies during in-person learning at Wheaton Academy

Catherine's team worked hard to stream Spirit Week assemblies.

Serving is a key part of Wheaton Academy’s mission to “nurture growth in students through relationships, excellence and service to the glory of God.” The students who serve on our livestream team have opportunities to practice and grow technical skills while serving our campus body in an integral way. They contribute not only in chapel, but also by broadcasting special events like Evening of Classics and Spirit Week assemblies. The livesteam team makes it possible for our students to celebrate together and perform for one another from a COVID-safe distance.