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Radio Hour

The Academy Theatre doesn’t go down easily, even in a global pandemic.  For the past eight weeks, the Advanced Drama class of 2020, a group of 32 talented juniors and seniors, have used their gifts to create five vintage radio shows. They studied the art of voice acting, crafted dialogue in makeshift closet recording studios, designed costumes from family fashion finds, wrote original and clever commercials, created cohesive character headshots, produced sound effects and music to bring a story to life, learned collaborative editing software, and came together to produce a unique Advanced Drama Show that is truly one-of-a-kind. In fact, their work has inspired a brand new vehicle for theatre at WA – the Academy Theatre Radio Hour.

We present to you the Academy Theatre Radio Hour’s inaugural show, affectionately entitled The Pandemic Productions and brought to you by the Advanced Drama Class of 2020.

Episode I

The Saint: The Robin Hood of Modern Crime

Young Tommy Patchek breaks out of prison to save his own life because Charlie Ferelli, the Italian mob boss, is out to kill him. And it is up to Simon Templar a.k.a. The Saint, the Robin Hood of Modern Crime, to prove that Tommy was innocent all along.

Sophia Arthurs – Jan the Warden, Samantha the Cheerful Detective
Madison Brown – Louise the Cab Driver
Hannah Crowe – Frankie the Gangster/Bartender
Tyson Hogan – Simon Templar the Saint
Anastasia Kallas – Hazel the Old Landlady
Kylie Orphan – Nancy Patchek the Sister, Newsboy
Tommy Reed – Tommy Patchek the Fugitive
Jenny Rodriguez – Charlotte (Charlie) Ferelli the Mob Boss

Sophia Arthurs, Hannah Crowe, Tyson Hogan, Anastasia Kallas, Kylie Orphan, Jenny Rodriguez

Episode 2

Little Women

The abridged retelling of the classic story that follows the beloved four March sisters – Jo, Amy, Beth, and Meg – from childhood to womanhood.

Kelsie Benware – Meg March
Fiona From – Beth March
Wesley From – Laurie
Emma Hinkle – Aunt March
Abbie Larsen – Jo March
Lindsey Linnane – Amy March
Jacob Tepe – Mr. Lawrence
Helena Vatchev – Marmee
Meder Zhumagulov – Brooke, Professor Bhaer

Kelsie Benware, Fiona From, Emma Hinkle, Abbie Larsen, Lindsey Linnane, Helena Vatchev, Meder Zhumagulov

Episode 3

Agatha Christie's The Case of the Careless Client

When a body is found in a hotel room, it is Colette Poirot, the famous Belgian detective, who must solve not one, but two, murders, and find Katherine Parrish, the international currency expert.

Bethany Dunham – Miss Fletcher
Wesley From – Inspector Stevens
Gracie Ghosh – Katherine Parrish, Hillary Kent, Brady
Emma King – Detective Colette Poirot
Tommy Reed – Johnny the Elevator Boy, Pilot
Olivia Wilcox – Janet the Apartment Clerk, Laura Parrish, Agatha Christie

Bethany Dunham, Wesley From, Gracie Ghosh, Emma King, Tommy Reed, Olivia Wilcox

Episode 4

The Adventures of Superman

When Batman and Robin have been captured by the evil villain Jones (who is now impersonating Batman!), Superman must save them from a burning prison, and reveal the real identity of Jones to the world.

Lars Cassel – Robin, Dick Grayson, Thug
Annabella Eckert – Old Farmer Hoffmeyer, Candy Meyers the Private Detective
Beau Hill – Batman, Bruce Wayne
Jadon King – Superman, Clark Kent, Narrator
Tavis King – Jones the Villain (Mort Veeler), Ed the Batman Impersonator
Anna Trott – Old Farmer Hemple, Beanie the Copygirl

Lars Cassel, Annabella Eckert, Beau Hill, Jadon King, Tavis King, Anna Trott

Episode 5

Casey at the Bat

When Casey, the Mudville star baseball player, gets up to bat with two strikes in the final inning, he is forced to decide between being used as a puppet by the corrupt manager Mr. Wicks or being his own man and marrying his sweetheart, Mary. There’s a lot riding on that final pitch!

Connor Beattie – Umpire, Eddie the Catcher, William the Fan
Michael Bertsche – Birdy the Pitcher, Catcher for Mudville
Madison Brown – Cathy Lewis, Mary
Wilber Reyes Delgado – Casey
Morgan Mead – Mr. Wicks the Villain Manager, Sue the Fan
David Stoner – Mr. Juniper the Coach, Mayor of Prattsburgh
Jacob Tepe – Elliott Lewis, Narrator

Connor Beattie, Madison Brown, Wilber Reyes Delgado, Morgan Mead, David Stoner, Jacob Tepe

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