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May 8, 2019

The Future Starts Now

How does one measure the impact of a high school on one’s children? With college looming around the corner, it is easy to think of foregoing Christian high school in order to save towards what is next.

We have now had two go through Wheaton Academy with a third to come. When I reflect on the friendships our emerging adult children have made and the families both they and we are connected with now as a result of this school, it is amazing. We know that some of the greatest influences on our high schoolers are peers as well as their teachers/mentors. In both cases the community they will be surrounded by at Wheaton Academy will have a profound influence on who our children continue to become! They can easily find friends with similar values and beliefs and there are faculty who pour into our children spiritually, emotionally, and mentally through the classroom and beyond in sports, the arts, Winterim trips and Project LEAD just to name a few. One of the faculty (and classmates in that class) reached out to our freshman in college last fall on a day she needed a boost. Where else do you find this kind of support and encouragement? This time of life is challenging (in our culture today in particular), and it is great to be able to partner with people dedicated to developing the whole person . . . including their spirit.

In thirty years, it won’t matter if my kitchen was redone or I drove the latest model car, but the impact on my children and grandchildren will be markedly different because of Wheaton Academy. As one of my good friends said to me when we were considering Christian education for our children, she would live in an apt and make tons of changes to life if that’s what it took for her children to attend here. She had gone here herself and knows the value of this place.

I invite you to consider the long-term effects on your family and future generations as a result of your decision. If this is where your family belongs, there are ways to make it happen.

I’m confident you’ll be so glad you did!

Liz, Current Parent


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