Winterim 2021
Week Two Recap

Flying airplanes, pitching business plans, recording performances, cooking lobsters—these are just a few of things that students experienced during the past two weeks of Winterim. During this immersive term, students had opportunities to dive deeply into different disciplines and to explore potential career paths. In classes and in internships, students gained exposure to many different fields and specialized skills. Winterim helps students to make decisions about majors in college, and more importantly, to learn how God has equipped them to build his kingdom with their gifts and talents.

WATV Students Stream Live Broadcasts

In WATV, students traditionally record an episode that is broadcast to the school at a later time. During this Winterim, WATV transitioned to a live format, streaming directly from the studio into classrooms every day at 11am. The new format opens possibilities for continuing to expand our broadcasting program.

Kayce ’24, one of this week’s anchors, shared, “It’s a little nerve-racking to know that the video is live and if you mess up there’s no going back—but it has definitely helped me to become more confident in speaking. I love story writing and journalism, so this is something that I would be interested in pursuing in the future.”

Students broadcast WATV live during Winterim at Wheaton Academy

Students Soar to New Heights in Aviation

In Aviation class, students practiced launching miniature planes in the baseball field while learning how to make adjustments for a smooth flight. Throughout the week, these students had opportunities to hear from guest speakers about a range of careers in aviation. After Winterim concludes, students in this class will have the opportunity to put these skills into practice on a discovery flight with a flight instructor.

Aviation students study flight at Wheaton Academy

The Science Behind a Perfect Loaf of Bread

In Food Science students studied the chemistry of baking with Ms. Engebretsen. In one of their final challenges, each student baked a perfect loaf of sourdough bread. With such delicious results, we’d have to argue that these students are ready to compete on the Great British Baking Show!

Caroline ’22 shares, “We began the class by creating sourdough starters and feeding them throughout the week. It is rewarding to see the results of that fermentation through our finished sourdough bread.”

Students bake sourdough loaves during Winterim

Students Put Welding Skills to Use on Campus

In Manufacturing Technology, students learned skills that transform raw materials into finished products. After learning basic welding skills, these students had an opportunity to put their knowledge into practice by repairing a broken railing on campus.

Student welding railings at Wheaton Academy

Students Lead Worship

In Worship Leading & Beginning Guitar, students learned about the Biblical foundation for worship. These students honed their instrumental and vocal skills and even practiced writing their own worship songs.

“I have two big takeaways from this class,” reflects Isaac ’23, “First, I’ve learned that worship is when God invites us into his throne room. Second, the guitar is such a versatile instrument—I’ve enjoyed learning about so many different genres including classical, jazz, and pop!”

Students practice leading worship at Wheaton Academy

Through opportunities to intern, and take practical hands-on courses, students are discovering how they can make a difference for Christ in the world with their skills, knowledge, and talent.

As students return from internships, we look forward to sharing their reflections with you next week!