Students Reflect on a Fabulous Winter Show

This year’s winter show was unlike any other Academy Theatre production. During three days of filming, students performed twelve numbers from popular musicals. The show releases on March 5th and will be available until March 13th. 

Director Corbett Burick reflects, “We wanted to incorporate as many students as possible without having to bring them all together at the same time. This format allowed us to do that. Even though we had to jump through a lot of hoops to make this production happen, it was worth it to watch the students come alive.”

When asked to reflect on the experience, cast-members expressed overflowing gratitude for the opportunity to perform. Read some of their reflections below.

My acting experience this year has helped me to grow in recognizing the gifts the Lord has given me as I use those gifts to serve and glorify Him. Especially after a year like 2020, I cherish this opportunity to perform on stage with so many wonderful people. God brings all our gifts together to glorify Himself in such a beautiful way! 


Winter Show 2021
Winter Show 2021 - Dear Evan Hansen

In this year’s winter production, we had the unique opportunity to play multiple characters from different shows. This was a totally new experience for the cast and it probably wouldn’t have happened without COVID. As a result, we had opportunities to grow friendships with so many students during the rehearsal process for each act.


My acting experience this year has helped me to grow in gratitude and humility. It has made me realize that having the ability to put on a show is so much more important than what part you get. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to perform in this winter show!


Winter Show 2021
Winter Show 2021 - Sister Act

It was amazing to see how hard the students and teachers worked to prepare for this musical despite the pandemic. I think about challenges that we faced as opportunities to try new things and learn new skills. We adapted to the new circumstance and worked together to create an amazing virtual show!


It was a challenge for sure, but with the help of our directors and all our amazing teams, we were able to persevere. I’d have to give the majority of the credit to the production team, they did an incredible job of making the performances look good as well as capturing key moments. Overall, I am super pleased and excited with the process and I learned many thing about persevering!


Winter Show 2021
Winter Show 2021 - Wicked

“I’m a transfer student and I had never acted with people from Wheaton Academy before. It’s been an amazing learning experience and I felt included right from the start. I’m performing in three numbers with COMPLETELY different characters which has been super fun.”