Nervous about finding friends?

Hear directly from students who felt the same way. We want you to feel welcomed—even and especially if you don’t know anyone here at Wheaton Academy yet. 

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"When I first came, I was afraid that I wouldn't connect because I didn't know anyone, but teachers made a point of reaching out and getting to know me. The students were inviting and joyful. Everyone made me feel comfortable and safe."

I have friends at other schools and sometimes we talk about how school is going. Whenever I talk about this place, I realize that I’m smiling. I’ve grown so much here—Wheaton Academy has been a big blessing for me.


"Coming here is the best decision I made in a very long time. It was hard to leave my friends at public school, but I've found new friends here who really care about me."

COVID hit during my eighth grade year while I was at a public school, so it was a very weird time to be a student. But as soon as I came here, I felt like—“Wow, it’s just school again!”—which was amazing.

Obviously, It was hard to leave my friends, but have have found new friends here who really care about me. Wheaton Academy is a tight knit community. We love one another, we love Jesus, and we just do life together. My spiritual walk has really multiplied here because everything is connected to Jesus.

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"I went to a public school before I came to Wheaton Academy. The transition here was surprisingly easy! By the end of the first week, I felt like I had found my new home."

I was sad to leave friends at my old school, but I felt at peace as soon as I stepped onto Wheaton Academy’s campus. Everyone was very welcoming, the teachers and students all made it a positive experience for me because they were so warm and understanding.

The focus on faith here is huge for me. Spiritual life is really integrated into the curriculum, and conversations are really open and honest here. It’s totally different from my old school. I’ve been able to explore the Bible and bond with others over our spiritual journeys. Growth here is inevitable because you’re so surrounded by people who challenge and support you.


"At my old school, it was pretty easy to get lost in the shuffle. But here, everyone’s important. I feel like I'm part of a family."

I started out at a different private school, but I came to Wheaton Academy because I felt I wasn’t getting my spiritual cup filled there. Here—it’s overflowing and I couldn’t be happier. The faculty here embody Christ. They’re mentors; they really work with you as an individual and push you to be the best version of yourself. I can feel God working through them to impact me, and they’re a huge blessing.

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"I was totally against coming to Wheaton Academy because I wanted to stay with my friends. But something changed the day I came to shadow. I decided to give Wheaton Academy a chance and I'm so glad that I did."

Coming in as a freshman was scary because I barely knew anyone. I was so worried about finding community, but I discovered that the people here are very welcoming. Wheaton Academy does a great job of setting the freshmen up in groups like Project IX and Advisory where they will find people who they naturally connect with and relate to. 

How We Build Community

Project IX Senior Mentors

The day that freshmen step foot onto Wheaton Academy’s campus, they are greeted by leaders from the senior class and welcomed into a small group to help with the transition into high school. This mentorship is a result of Project IX, a group of senior leaders in charge of helping freshmen start well at Wheaton Academy.

Advisory Groups

Our advisory program not only ensures that every individual student has a faculty mentor but also makes space to deliver valuable content that isn’t easily covered in the traditional curriculum. Students spend time weekly in advisory where they develop College Readiness skills and build discipling relationships.

Kingdom Community Culture

As a part of our Kingdom Community initiative, student groups and a parent advisory group meet regularly to listen to one another, engage related topics, and pray. By fostering an environment of empathy and understanding, these groups strive to shape a culture that celebrates individual diversity and corporate unity through Jesus Christ.

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