Livestream Team Recognized with National Student Production Award

Back in November of 2019, the Wheaton Academy Boys Basketball team took on Streamwood. During the game, a team of four students—Chas Lewchanyn, Wes Kersey, Kenna Tolman, and Rachel Cobb—produced a livestream broadcast. While our basketball team lost in the final seconds of the game, our livestream team won a prestigious award for their broadcast that evening.

The broadcast was recognized by the Chicago/Midwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) and received a Crystal Pillar in the spring of 2020. After winning a Crystal Pillar, the broadcast moved on to compete for a National Student Production Award. In fact, Wheaton Academy was one of only five high schools in the nation to be nominated to the Live Sports section of the competition.

On February 11, the awards ceremony aired on The Emmy’s app. Our broadcast was recognized as a winner of the National Student Production Award. This award is conferred by NATAS, the same group responsible for the Emmy Awards.

Congratulations to Chas Lewchanyn, Wes Kersey, Kenna Tolman, and Rachel Cobb!

Every student brings a unique set of strengths and giftings to the broadcast, so we asked Mr. Hockett to share a few words about Chas, Wes, Kenna, and Rachel.

Chas is a warm and welcoming personality that every team would want. She is faithful in the little things and makes herself available to help out whenever possible.

Wes knows sports and he understands the rhythms of a game. He makes for a great technical director, knowing when to take a cut or when to show a replay.

Kenna loves cinematography. She has an eye for what looks good and you will often find her on the baseline during basketball games, filming from underneath the basket.

Rachel is dedicated. She builds her schedule around livestream broadcasts. She onboards and trains all the rookies with kindness and patience.

While these four students have achieved an incredible accomplishment, they couldn’t have done it alone. Mr. Hockett shares his gratitude for the support team that makes these broadcasts possible. He shares, “I’m thankful for Joe Jones and Rachael Burick as they continue to help make every production more professional through lights and sound. I want to thank the school administration for believing in our program and allowing us to invest in excellent production resources. I am grateful to everyone who has come alongside me to help make Studio 22 productions a reality. And of course, I want to thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for whom I do all things.”

The livestream team continues to work hard this spring as Wheaton Academy enters into an intensive sports season. In addition to broadcasting regular chapels and fine arts events, the team is working to livestream as many athletics events as possible so that friends and family will be able to enjoy these competitions from home. Be sure to subscribe to the WATV YouTube channel so you don’t miss a game!