Nurturing a New Generation of Leaders

Meet David Stoner '21

At Wheaton Academy, we believe in equipping students to serve and lead in ways that will shape the world for years to come.

What does this look like? Meet David Stoner ’21.

David remembers, “As a freshman, I had just moved to the area and I didn’t really know anyone. But seniors welcomed and included me in the community at Wheaton Academy.” As David watched the senior leaders take freshmen students under their wings, he was inspired. Because of what he witnessed as a freshman, David chose to pursue leadership development opportunities throughout high school. “Now,” David shares, “as a senior, my priority is to be a person who leads well and includes everyone in our community.”

David is currently serving on the Project LEAD Discipleship Team, a team focused on providing the student body with discipleship opportunities outside of our weekly chapels through leading Bible studies and prayer events. Recently, David’s team helped to organize and facilitate a drive-thru Live Nativity.

Students organized a live nativity

During the Live Nativity, David posed as one of the three magi.

David Stoner

Our team is working behind the scenes at Wheaton Academy to create a current that pushes people towards Jesus.

David Stoner

David’s experience in leadership at Wheaton Academy has prepared him to serve as a leader in other ministry capacities too. One of those ministries is Global Youth Force, an international group of young people who have joined together to make a difference for Christ’s Kingdom.

“At Global Youth Force, we started out by asking, ‘How can we tell people about Jesus and make a difference?’” David shares, “We’ve been running virtual Summits during quarantine; I’ve recorded videos of myself giving sermons and saying prayers; I help to facilitate Bible studies on Zoom. I’m also on a social media team where we spread the word about how to get involved.”

The international impact of this work is particularly exciting for those on the team. David talks enthusiastically about the joy of leading Bible studies with students across the world—from Brazil to South Africa.

David looks forward to continuing to learn about discipleship by completing his upcoming Winterim Internship with with Global Youth Force.

At Wheaton Academy, we seek to equip students like David with servant-leadership skills so that they will be ready to serve God’s kingdom beyond the walls of Wheaton Academy.