Spring Theatre Fest

This past weekend, students in our Advanced Drama Studies and Musical Theatre Studies classes performed three shows in six breath-taking performances. Enjoy a glimpse of each show below.

The Mousetrap

Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap opened in 1952 and ran continuously for 68 years till March 16, 2020. It is the longest running show in the West End and only stopped as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Academy Theatre was excited to bring this classic production back to the stage!

The Mousetrap is set on opening day at Monkswell Manor, an English guesthouse in the 1950s. Reminiscent of the popular board game Clue, the show features eight unique and eccentric characters, brought together by a snowstorm on the night of a mysterious murder. Riddled with intrigue and suspicion, the show demonstrates the power of revenge to unravel the human psyche.

Mousetrap - Mr. Wren and Miss Casewell

Mr. Wren and Miss Casewell enjoy the Guesthouse common area

Mousetrap - Mr. and Mrs. Ralston and Ms. Paravicini

A mysterious stranger, Ms. Paravicini, arrives

Mousetrap - Mrs. Boyle's death

Detective Sergeant Trotter recreates the scene of the crime

Much Ado About Nothing

This Advanced Drama Studies class took a real risk when they chose to perform Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. This fast-paced comedy is filled with witty and demanding dialogue, but students were up to the challenge.

Reflecting on the themes presented in the play, Director Corbett Burick shares, “Throughout this story, characters discover and overhear information about others, believe what they hear, and make assumptions that cause things to devolve—it happens over and over. This comedy reminds us that the words we say have power. The things that we say, the rumors we spread about others have serious consequences.

Much Ado: Borachio and Lady Gianna plot together

Borachio and Lady Gianna plot against Hero and Claudio

Much Ado: Dogberry the Constable

Dogberry the Constable

Beatrice overhears Hero and Ursula discussing Benedick

Beatrice overhears Hero and Ursula discussing Benedick

Frozen Jr.

The Musical Theatre Studies class for Freshmen and Sophomores performed Frozen Jr., a Disney classic. The magical production took place under our circus-sized tent on the FAC lawn.

Karis Jarvis (Elsa) reflects, “I learned that God can use anything, even our production of Frozen Jr., to work in peoples lives. At the end of the show, multiple people within the cast shared that the kindness and community of our class blessed their lives and made them feel truly loved. Although the show was just a fun musical, it was able to be used for amazing things through our fellowship with one another.”

Frozen Jr - Anna and Elsa

Elsa and Anna share a moment as they prepare for Elsa's coronation

Frozen Jr

"There’s a word we live by / To keep our feelings great. / You don’t have this word in English, / But allow me to translate: Hygge!"

Frozen Jr - Olaf

"Winter's a good time to stay in and cuddle / But put me in summer and I'll be a ... happy snowman!"

We are so grateful to be able to offer students the opportunity to perform for live audiences again. Through these productions, students grow their God-given gifts and abilities in music, dance, acting, art, and other technical skills. In a year of distancing, these shows also serve a space for students to develop an even deeper sense of community with one another. Freshman Danny Mantel reflects, “Shows at Wheaton Academy have the best groups of people in them! This show has given me many friends, and it has strengthened the friendships that I already have.

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