Math students make history

William Lu and David Zhang

Wheaton Academy proudly announces the achievements of William Lu and David Bocheng Zhang. These two students recently demonstrated their exceptional mathematical skill by passing actuarial exams.

On March 11, William Lu became the first student in Wheaton Academy’s history to take and pass an actuarial exam. This exam, known for its difficulty and 45% pass rate, is typically attempted by college math majors. According to the Society of Actuaries, only a handful of high school students in the world even attempt this exam. William took the exam as a high school senior after taking our new capstone math class for students who have completed AP Calculus and Statistics. 

David Bocheng Zhang made his mark on Wheaton Academy as well. David is a serious and passionate Christian to whom God has given an intense love for mathematics. On March 17, David became the second student in Wheaton Academy history to pass an actuarial exam and the first Wheaton Academy student to accomplish this feat as a Junior.

What’s more, David’s math record this year includes two state championships at the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics State Math Contest. David placed first in the Division 2A Precalculus Contest and in the State Oral competition.

Congratulations William Lu and David Bocheng Zhang!