In their Own Words

Students Share Their Internship Experiences

During Winterim, students have the opportunity to intern at a for-profit or non-profit business. Internships provide students with firsthand experience in the skills that they will need in order to be successful in a potential career and beyond.

This valuable experience often informs the decisions that students make as they look ahead towards college. It also gives them exposure to professional mentors who are doing what they may want to do later in life.

But don’t just take our word for it—hear directly from our students as they share what they learned.

Bella '23

Internship: Salem Media Group

Bella interned at Salem Media Group in Chicago, shadowing news anchors, producers, and even recording some segments at the studio! 

I loved my time at Salem Media. It is everything I imagined and then some. I came into this internship interested in learning more about journalism since I plan to major in journalism in college. I am coming out with knowledge about journalism, engineering, marketing, sales, producing, and more. I am so blessed to have experienced an insider’s perspective in the world of broadcasting, and I am more excited than ever before to start pursuing journalism.

Bell's Internship

Braeden '26

Internship: Cosley Zoo

Braeden assisted the staff at Cosley Zoo during his internship as a zookeeper shadow.  During his time there, he fed and worked with sheep, goats, llamas, owls, and many other animals at the zoo. 

The best part of this internship was getting firsthand experience in both zoo keeping and veterinary work.  I am passionate about both of these things and this internship inspired me to keep pursuing this career path.  

Annalisa '24

Internship: Estimada Comnuidad Asuncion, Mexico

During her internship in Mexico, Annalisa gained experience teaching English! She also improved her Spanish proficiency while interacting with students and navigating local culture.  

I had an amazing time in my internship! I worked daily with 2- and 3-year-olds, helping them with sensory play, guiding them in activities and exercises, and teaching English. My Spanish improved exponentially through this experience. I also grew in my relationship with the Lord as I realized that, although our cultures and languages might be different, we are all connected in worshipping God. 

Amanda '24

Internship: Tyndale House Publishers - Design

Amanda honed her graphic design skills using Adobe InDesign while working on a book project at Tyndale Publishing.

My internship at Tyndale encouraged me to consider majoring in graphic design. Besides learning new programs and art skills, I got to hear from staff about how God brought them to Tyndale.

The design department focuses not only on productivity, but also on growing as a community—a family. I hope to find environment like this one in a future workplace!

Mateo '24

Internship: Conlon Public Strategies

During his internship, Mateo learned about the principles and fundamentals of non-profit management, gaining real-world experience in a career path that interests him. 

I was blessed with the opportunity to intern with Conlon Public Strategies. Here, I’ve been able to work alongside seasoned professionals in the field of nonprofit management and advising to explore potential future careers.

jack '25

Internship: Chick-fil-A

In his internship at Chick-fil-A, Jack learned about day-to-day restaurant operations, gaining valuable experience in customer service, food preparation, and the values that drive healthy corporate culture.

This internship was a great way to be exposed to the business world. It was interesting to learn about various business operations. I know the things Chick-fil-A values will help me succeed in the business world if I apply them to my life.

Daisy '25

Internship: Tyndale House Publishers, Editorial

Like Amanda, Daisy also interned at Tyndale. Since she plans to pursue a career in writing, she worked closely with the editorial team, shadowing one of the company’s senior editors. 

Interning at Tyndale House Publishers was an amazing Winterim experience!  I learned so much about the many aspects of the publishing business that I’ll be able to use in my future career.

Wheaton Academy Internships

Scotty '24

Internship: Great America Financial Services

In his internship at Great America Finance, Scotty learned about equipment financing programs and solutions. In addition to gaining first-hand experience in business, Scotty is also learning to engage the financial world through a Biblical, Christ-centered worldview.

Being able to be a part of an elite business company was just as exciting as it sounded. I loved getting a firsthand look at the world of business. I would 10/10 recommend interning with professionals in the field that you are considering for your future.

The stories above represent just a handful out of the 150+ internship experiences this Winterim. We are so grateful to all of the business who chose to partner with our students during the past two weeks. These invaluable experiences help students to identify ways that God may be calling them to use their talents to build His kingdom.