Facts You May Not Know About Wheaton Academy

You might be exploring Wheaton Academy as a potential place for your student to grow and belong. Or maybe you’re a current student or proud alumni… With more than 165 years of history, there’s a lot to know about our school. Below is a collection of #wheatonacademyfacts you may not know.


International Space Station Experiments

Our MASTER students are currently involved in coding an experiment that will test the behavior of heat on board the International Space Station.
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Founded in 1853

Wheaton Academy was founded in 1853 and continues as one of the oldest and most respected private Christian high schools in America. As we celebrate our 165th birthday, check out this video that tells the story of our school.
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100% of college-bound seniors are accepted into college including institutions like Northwestern University, USC, University of Illinois, Notre Dame, NYU, Purdue, and Wheaton College.
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The Affordability Initiative

Many families believe that affording a private Christian education is out of reach—think again! For many years, Wheaton Academy has been working to make private Christian school education accessible to students from all socioeconomic backgrounds.
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100% Mentorship

The day that freshmen step foot onto Wheaton Academy’s campus, they are greeted by leaders from the senior class and welcomed into a small group to help with the transition into high school. This mentorship is a result of Project IX, a group of senior leaders in charge of helping freshmen start well at Wheaton Academy.
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Fostering Innovation

In cultures and workspaces where skills and disciplines aren’t clearly compartmentalized, it is important that our course offerings at Wheaton Academy reflect an increasingly innovative workplace. This year we are offering several courses that are cross-curricular. These classes push students to de-compartmentalize their thinking and practice skills from multiple disciplines. Cross-curricular classes make learning more meaningful and relevant.

Skills, Sportsmanship, Discipleship

100% of our coaches are gifted disciple makers. Not only do our student athletes grow in their skills and sportsmanship, they also grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus Christ! Have you considered Wheaton Academy as an environment for your athletes to grow and thrive in?
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Exploring Your Passion

We encourage students to explore their passions at Wheaton Academy, and many of our students invest in several areas. 90% of the student body are involved in a co-curricular activity at Wheaton Academy! And nearly half of our student body are involved in three or more activities!
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Senior Trip

Each year, Wheaton Academy hosts a Senior Trip for the graduating class. The goal of this trip is two-fold: to provide an intentional time of reflection over their past four years at Wheaton Academy and to create space to dream about their future and commit it to the Lord. It is an incredible time with their classmates, teachers, and administrators.

AP Classes

Wheaton Academy offers classes that appropriately challenge students in their learning zones. This commitment includes offering 22 AP classes that enrich our curriculum and could jumpstart students’ college careers.
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Current Wheaton Academy families who qualify for tuition reduction have incomes up to and sometimes over $250,000.
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Senior Trip

Each year, Wheaton Academy hosts a Senior Trip for the graduating class. The goal of this trip is two-fold: to provide an intentional time of reflection over their past four years at Wheaton Academy and to create space to dream about their future and commit it to the Lord. It is an incredible time with their classmates, teachers, and administrators.

Faculty & Staff

100% of our faculty and staff are empowered to speak Biblical truth to our students. Our Living Curriculum Teachers speak into the lives of our students during every class period of every day!
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330,000 Minutes

Students spend 330,000 minutes in a school environment. At Wheaton Academy those minutes are spent reinforcing a biblical worldview. How do you want your kids to spend their high school career... consider Wheaton Academy.
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Empowering Students

Wheaton Academy empowers students to own their learning experience. We develop college readiness skills in classes, activities, and opportunities. For example, students are not only included in parent-teacher conferences, but the students lead them.
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Award-Winning Faculty & Staff

Wheaton Academy has our own award-winning Director of Special Events! Congratulations Jim Holtrop on being recognized as an Outstanding Activity Director by the Illinois Directors of Student Activities (IDSA). We are so blessed by all the tireless work Mr. Holtrop puts into each special event at Wheaton Academy.

Live Video and Television Production

During the school year, Wheaton Academy’s Live Video and Television Production team livestream around 27,900 minutes of events around the school. Athletics events, concerts, chapels... this co-curricular gives students a hands-on experience into the world of television production.
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Wheaton Academy is not affiliated with any denomination and the student body is a representation of over 150 different churches and expressions of the Christian faith. This allows students to explore what they believe, and why, and allows students to be continual learners of other perspectives.

Tuition Reduction

Nearly 34% of Wheaton Academy families receive tuition reduction. If you feel like a tuition reduction would make a difference in your student attending Wheaton Academy, please apply today and start the conversation.
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Christ-Centered Education

Every class at Wheaton Academy helps students develop a Christ-centered biblical worldview. In addition, our Bible department consists of a wide variety of classes that further our students’ Biblical literacy and their ability to articulate what they believe and why it matters.
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Our Mission

The mission of Wheaton Academy is to nurture growth in students through relationships, excellence, and service to the glory of God. We are committed to diversity, academic excellence, a biblical worldview, affordability, and the opportunity for students to experience a wide variety of co-curricular activities. We want to see students grow in this environment and have a seat saved for you!
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Kingdom Community

At Wheaton Academy, we believe that a Kingdom community is one that is representative of all ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. Socio-economic and ethnic diversity are two of Wheaton Academy’s largest strategic priorities.
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Over 28% of our student body represent diverse ethnic backgrounds—an almost 250% increase since 2008.
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The Academy Theatre

Did you know that over the last 7 years Academy Theatre musicals have sold more than 25,000 tickets? That is enough tickets to overflow the United Center. Academy Theatre always puts on an amazing show!
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54 International Students & 8 Different Countries

We believe that our international students enable us to provide a better education for all Wheaton Academy students. The results are rich dialogue on campus and a growing understanding of the way God shares His various attributes among the different cultures of the world.
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Pit Orchestra

The pit orchestra during Academy Theatre’s Spring Musical uses, on average, a combination of 12 valves, 44 strings, 244 keys, and 14 mallets to play 3,000 measures of music by 270 fingers and 1 baton! Thanks for all the wonderful music you’ve been playing during Newsies.

Created in the Image of God

At Wheaton Academy—to create a thriving Kingdom Community—we honor and value each other as people created in the image of God.

College Scholarships

All of the hard work and academic rigor pays off! The Wheaton Academy Class of 2018 received more than $6 million in scholarships!

WAtv News Show

In its fourth official year, WAtv has aired 76 episodes of their weekly news show. In this class, students learn the skills of TelePrompTer, audio engineering, television editing, and anchor desk reporting. Catch a meme analysis in the latest episode.
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